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Best New Zealand singers

New Zealand has been taking the center stage spot in international music over the past few years. With artists like Lorde, Gin Wigmore, Kimbra and Ladyhawke it is almost impossible for anyone to open up a radio or a YouTube channel without hearing some great tunes coming from some very talented Kiwis.

When somebody mentions New Zealand music from the previous century it is hard to remember anything else than OMC’s How Bizarre. The international hit wonder was released in 1995 and it immediately hit the number 1 spot on most of the mainstream charts around the world. People enjoyed it for at least half a decade before completely forgetting to check for music in the farthest corners of the Southern Hemisphere. That was until 2008, when the folk parody duo Flight of the Conchords – composed of Bret McKenzie and Jermaine Clement – released their eponymous album to the delight of the many fans of their TV show across the world.

While many enjoyed the upbeat, satirical tunes of the Conchords, it was the breakthrough of teenage sensation Lorde and her deep, disturbing lyrics that redirected the attention towards the New Zealand singers. Her debut album, Royals made it all the way to the top of the U.S. chart, making her the youngest solo artist that ever occupied the no.1 slot in the U.S. singles table.

Another Kiwi act that is rapidly winning legions of fans from every corner of the world is Marlon Williams. The young singer-songwriter has just released his eponymous album to very appreciative reviews coming from the toughest critics in the music industry. His bluegrass, folk style combined with an indie influence have led many to consider him the bastard child of Elvis and Stevie Nicks, if the two would have ever met. With so many young acts coming in a landslide parade, we can expect a good number of awesome singles coming from New Zealand for the next two or three decades.